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If you are interested in me voicing your project.....

contact me and I will happily produce a FREE custom demo so you can hear how my voice will suit your script

 Please provide some or all of the following information when you contact me.


  • How will you be using the voiceover, is it for broadcast or non-broadcast purposes?


  • Would you like it fully edited ready for use, or will it be edited by another studio/sound producer? I can provide “raw” audio which will reduce the price.


  • What format would you like the files in? Wav and Mp3 are the most common. Please note phone recording systems usually require a specific format and bit rate that will need confirming before recording.


  • How many files will you need and how would you like your files delivered?


  • Have you got a budget in mind?


  • Have you got a deadline?


  • If you would like me to provide a demo audition of your script please give me directions regarding style, pace target audience, and I will be happy to provide one free of charge.


  • My prices are in accordance to Equity Voice rates and will be confirmed with you prior to recording, however in certain circumstances I may be happy to offer a reduced rate.

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